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Allied American Protection

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About Us
Through collaboration and communication, we help our clients boost their marketing performance and drive leads.

Our Story

With over 40 years of Law Enforcement experience, you can trust us to protect your home, family, and business. We set ourselves apart through unwavering integrity and ethical business practices.

About Us Allied American Protection
Security Management Services for Your Peace of Mind

Our Story
With over 40 years of law enforcement experience and 20 years experience in the private security sector, we provide a wide range of security and investigative solutions to individuals and businesses alike in the Inland Empire area and beyond. Your safety and peace of mind are of paramount importance to us. That’s why we hire the highest caliber of staff, including police officers, law enforcement and military personnel with the necessary insight and industry experience. Our membership in industry-leading professional orginizations empowers us to keep abreast of new and emerging challenges in the industry. What sets us apart is our dedication to solving those challenges with integrity and diligence. Trust us to provide the services you need in a way that suits you.

What we offer
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Our security services are designed for individuals and schools, as well as retail establishments, housing areas, shopping centers, warehousing, and apartment complexes. We provide personal protection and 24/7 security for personal possessions, corporate assets, and premises. We can help you conduct the site surveys you need, and put disaster plans in place to improve safety on your premises. In partnership with Everett Glen Investigations, our investigative services will enable you to get the answers you need in the event that you are dealing with a difficult situation, such as searching for a missing person, dealing with a troublesome employee, or finding the best way to proceed with a contested divorce.

A Focus on Personal Safety and Security for Your Assets

Don’t take any chances. Get in touch with Allied American Protection for security and investigative services you can trust.